The Paw Pack Program


What is a Paw Pack?

 A Paw Pack, is a food pack, that goes home every Friday during the school year. The Goal is to provide  enough food to replace the meals that children would receive at school (e.g. two breakfast options, two lunch options, two snack options, one fruit cup, and one juice). we work one on one with school counselors to identify children in our program. 

  Luna Burke and associates has exceeded our 2018-2019 pledged to Feed 60 children. Over 10,000 meals were delivered to RCISD campus'. Our goal for 2019-2020 is 126 students! 


We picked the name PACK, because we are Parents, Actively, Choosing, Kindness! 

The Paw Pack program is run 100% by volunteers! 

What is in a Paw Pack?

2 Breakfast options

2 Lunch options

2 Sacks

1 Juice

1 Fruit cup

Further assistance

We know the need goes further than just food. Our assistance program allows us to step in and provide, field trip money, snow cone money,  lice kits, jackets, shoes - all things that our teachers usually buy with their own money!  


Not only does a Paw Pack, include food, but also the following.
• There is 1 breakfast & 1 lunch, that does NOT require water.
• All child friendly food, that does not require adult supervision to prepare.
• Food will be distributed weekly in small quantities to help prevent the sell of food.
• Every bag will also include personal care items, every 6 weeks. (Eg: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant (pending age & need) soap, travel size shampoo and conditioner.  
• Every week, there will be uplifting notes, positive affirmations and words of encouragement in English and Spanish.